John Zagorski
Committee Chair
June 2019


2019 ASPE Golf Tournament

We had a record year with 210 golfers registered for the event that took place on Friday, May 3rd @ Brookside Golf Club in Pasadena, Ca. wherein 186 show up for a fun day of golf!! The weather was perfect as it was absolutely gorgeous!! Here are the results of the tournament.

Course 1 Last Place Team Aka Hackers Award went to none other than Jeff Atlas, Bill Siler, Edgar Ochoa, & Pedro Perez

3rd Place Team was Jeff Discount (recipient of the Horses Arse Award), Jay Spencer, Ed Orlowski, & Brian Sparks

2nd Place Team was Rob Zagorski, Tom Stronks, & Doug Thoman. Marty Musgrave was out sick

1st Place Team was Jae Rim, Patrick Techakanokboon, Patrick Reed, & Greg Wein Holt

Our Long Drive Winners on Hole #9 were Chris Nicosia for the women, Mike Elmore for the men, & Richard Gallant for the seniors

Close to the pins:

Hole #8 Doug Thoman for the men, nobody for the women or seniors

Hole #13 Tom Stronks for the men & Jeff Discount for the seniors, nobody for the women

Hole #17 Jen Neumeister for the women, Austin Allen for the men, & Tim Moon for the seniors

Caught With Your Pants Down Award went to Dan Perkins as he was lost on the course when we ran into him he was on course 2 not 1

Course 2 Last Place Team Aka Hackers Award went to Eric Gomez, Shahpoor Khosradi, Scott Repenning, & Octavio Gonzalez

3rd Place Team was Lynn McVay, Jeff Vink, Roman Verba, & Mike Benisek

2nd Place Team was John Bianco, Brian Danaher, Kelsey Danaher, & Jacob Verba

1st Place Team who won in a card off was Roland Gutierrez, Gabe Hernandez, Nick Gallucci, & Miguel Villanueva

Our Long Drive Winners were Jeff Vink for the men & Jim Dunker for the seniors, nobody for the women

Close to the pins:

Hole#5 Jeff Vink for the men & Mar Enriquez for the seniors, nobody for the women

Hole #10 Miguel Villanueva for the men & Rene Ramirez for the seniors, nobody for the women

Hole# 12 Charlotte Dean for the women, Kelsey Danaher for the men, & Rene Ramirez for the seniors

Hole #15 We had nobody for the women & seniors. For the men it was Darren Murray with a Hole in One!!!! ASPE awarded him with his Close to the Pin Trophie along with a crisp $100 bill

Caught With Your Pant Down Award went to Dave Dicken for showing up over an hour late to join his group on the course

Congratulation to P2S Engineers for winning the Donald F. Dickerson Award this year!! P2S was our first ever engineer firm at the Gold Level. They support both LA & OC Chapters with members and monthly dinner meeting attendance every month. Thanks P2S Team for your dedication and support of ASPE!!

I also want to again thank the rest of my Golf Committee for another job well done!!