Karl Caouette, CPD V.P. Technical September 2019
In August, we don’t have monthly meeting. Instead we had LA & OC combined ‘2019 Product Show and Technical Seminar” at Monterey Hill Restaurant and Luminarias Restaurant, Monterey Park. On behalf of the ASPE-LA & OC Board of Directors, we would like to thank Dr. Saum Nour of Absolute Engineering, Mr. Mark Allen of Beacon Medaes, and Mr. Daniel Alvarez of Zurn Industrial. One of our speaker Mr. Danny Tam was not able to present due to his personal problem. Our president is coordinating with OC chapter for his presentation in future This month ASPE-LA monthly will be on September 11, 2019, due to the Labor Day weekend. Speaker is one of our chapter member Zay Soe from Arup. He will talk about the oversizing problem. As far as I know, there is no tabletop in this month. Latest news from the ASPE Pipeline, volume 12, No. 17: WOA Scholarship Winner: Kirsten Collins, a Student Member of the Central Florida Chapter, was awarded the Women of ASPE 2019 Tech Symposium scholarship to attend this event to learn more about the plumbing engineering industry. An environmental engineering major at the University of Central Florida, Kirsten is a plumbing intern at EXP and plans to pursue a career as a plumbing engineer with a focus on sustainable design. Congratulations Kirsten! Time is running out to register for the 2019 CPDT exam: Are you a young plumbing system designer looking to earn a certification to showcase your skills? ASPE’s Certified Plumbing Design Technician (CPDT) program recognizes outstanding young professionals and is intended as a precursor of our CPD credential. The 2019 CPDT exam is being held at online testing sites around the world on September 16-22, and you can register at aspe.org/CPDT-exam. The deadline to register is September 5 Latest news from the ASPE Journal: The Next Drinking Water Contamination Issue? By Peter S. Cartwright, PE Every time water goes down the drain, whether to a sewer, a septic system, a storm drain, or wherever, it carries contaminants with it, which usually end up in someone’s drinking water. This document addresses the sources of water contaminants and their possible health effects, and offers some guidance on what we, as responsible caretakers of this planet and concerned consumers, can do now and in the future. If you are members you will find the latest ASPE Journal publication at https://aspe.org/aspejournal That is all for this month. See you all in next meeting. As usual, do not hesitate to e-mail any board member for any particular topics that you may want to see in any of our technical programs. Also check our Technical Calendar for upcoming Technical Sessions.