William Siler
November 2020

I first want to apologize for getting my news article to Jeff so late. I should have had this done weeks ago and have just procrastinated. So in case you wondered why your newsletter is late, it’s my fault.

Wow, our good friend Scott Steindler is done with California. Like so many other people he is moving out of the state. Well, not completely true. The love of his life also lives there as well. So maybe he’s moving more for her?  He will only be a short drive away in Arizona so if you miss him really bad jump in your car and go visit him. Arizona is the land of the free when it comes to guns and most of you know my daughter and I love competitive shooting. What a lucky guy to be able to do this.

I am sure we have all watch shows on TV where they have a new married couple wanting to relocate to another state for work or whatever reason. I watch these shows all the time, dreaming of being able to move to some cute town and live happily ever after. Well Scott has done it so congratulation to Scott. Scott for now will keep his spot on the board so please reach out to him for any membership issues.

So it appears things are slowly getting better with regards to this Covid 19 virus. Ventura County has moved into the orange zone. What does this mean? Well it means that restaurants are back to indoor seating and some theaters are now open as well. So you’re thinking why the heck is Bill bragging about Ventura County? So I am sure everyone is still concerned about having a meeting in person right. Some cities and counties are still struggling with the virus. Well Ventura County is looking really good these days, so I am going to contact the movie theaters in Simi and Thousand Oaks to see how much it would cost to rent one of the theaters out for a few hours. I am thinking we can maybe kill three birds with one stone, have dinner and our meeting. Wait, he said three birds right and that’s only two birds. Well what’s a movie theater for? To watch movies, right? Maybe we can watch a movie right after our meeting is over. I am so excited about this idea, now let’s hope I can pull it off. I have asked Jeff to attach some pictures (see below) I took of the stats for Ventura so everyone can see what I am talking about. Please email me at wsiler@sceginc.com to let me know if you would be comfortable with having an in person meeting at one of the local Ventura theaters.

So, to have a meeting we need speaker’s right? Starting in May our speaker pool will have dried up. I mentioned this in the last news article and I am going to mention it here again. Because of Covid 19 our reps haven’t been able to wine and dine the engineers (do their sales thing) like they had before. So here’s an idea. Instead of the reps having a factory person do the speaker presentation, have the reps do it. So I’m sure all of our reps want to get in front of the engineers again right? So let’s get a presentation together, send it to Thura and get on the calendar. I don’t think anyone has taken us up on this offer yet. I am sure your bosses will love this idea. Do I personally have to contact everyone’s Boss? Just kidding guys about contacting your boss, but let’s get these spots filled.

Until next month…