William Siler
January 2021

Thank god this year is almost over. My last report for the 2020 year. I don’t think I can handle much more of 2020. I wake up every morning hoping this whole thing has just been one long scary dream. Sorry to say it’s all real.

This last month has been something else. Covid cases going through the roof everywhere. Until recently I only knew of a few people that had dealt with the virus and unfortunately things didn’t go well for them. Of late I have seen very close friends fight through this. Some have had it rough, a few have had very mild symptoms. After talking with all my friends that have dealt with this, the one thing they all tell me is you don’t want it. So please everyone be safe wear a mask, if not for you but others around you and maintain social distancing. I’m not saying don’t go out and about, but be smart about what you do. We have a few vaccines that I hope will work, time will tell. I look forward to 2021 and this vaccine working, so we all can get back to some kind of normal. And for those of you that don’t want to take a vaccine that’s your choice, just like the flue vaccine.

This year we lost some close friends. Ira Schumer, Ed Saltzberg and John Mitsumori. Please everyone take a moment to remember your favorite memories with our dear friends. I think about every time Ira stepped up to the podium and started to hand out fines. Wondering what funny joke he was going to make and cringing as well wondering what he was going to say next. I would set there trying to figure out what I did that he could fine me for and if I was the next person on his hit list :-). I’m sad to say I wasn’t on that list often, I need to do better next year. Ed Saltzberg he was a kind of no nonsense guy. I remember many times being at the podium saying something stupid and looking out at Ed and getting that Ed look. I got a lot of those looks:-). They will all be missed but never forgotten.

So we normally don’t have a meeting in December as we’ve always set December aside for our holiday party. Well thanks to this Virus we weren’t able to have our holiday party so a meeting it was instead. I was pleasantly surprised at how many people jumped on for the meeting. I think we had 24 people. Not bad for a December meeting.

Now let’s talk about some happy stuff.

Meeting in person:

If we have any movie theaters still open I plan on having our first in person meeting at a movie theater in Simi or Thousand Oaks. Both places can provide food and a theater to have our meeting and allow us to keep some social distancing. I will say this, I won’t be pushed to do this. Have me removed if you don’t like how I handle this. My plan for the meeting. We will hang out with friends like before but masks must be worn. Best way to drink those alcoholic drinks is through a straw, the great thing about this is it helps with the buzz, or that’s been my experience. We will then have dinner followed by our speaker. For those of you that want to stay I plan on having the theater play a movie for everyone when our meeting is over. I think this will be a lot of fun for everyone.

Our annual Golf Tournament:

So I think with some changes to the format we should be able to have the tournament next year on time. A little outside the box thinking will have to be done but I really think we can make it happen. I will talk with John about some of my ideas and see if Brookside will allow what I want to do. This is an outdoor event so with that being said we should be able to safely put this event on.

And the most important part of my report. I first want to say I miss every single one of you. One of the things for me about being president, is the fun I have making you guys and gals laugh, because of the stupid mistakes I make. I sometimes even plan the laughter. 🙂

Happy Holidays to everyone. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.