Vivian Enriquez, CPD President September 2019
Thank you to all that attended the July 10, 2019 meeting and the 2019 ASPE LA & OC Product Show & Technical Seminar on August 15, 2019.  Thanks to our guest speakers and to all those that attended and all the affiliates that participated in the Product Show. July 10, 2019:  Mr. Doug Kirk –  “UPC – Chapter 6 – Water Supply & Distribution – Water Sizing Changes from 1962 to 2018”. Aug. 15, 2019: Mr. Saum Nour – “Error and Omissions Cases” Mr. Mark Allen – “Alternate Bulk Oxygen Systems” Mr. Daniel Alvarez – “Sizing Automatic Control Valves” I also wanted to sadly inform the memberships and everyone that our Vice President Technical, Karl Caouette, has step-down due to his promotion, that will entail a lot of travel. He promised to still get involved and will be back to serve our chapter.  In this regard, I am very pleased to announce the following appointment by the ASPE-LA Board of Directors.
  • Thura Zin – Vice President Technical
  • Irene Pool – Vice President Legislative
Please join us,  the ASPE-LA BOD,  in welcoming and congratulating them. Please join us at the ASPE-LA Chapter Overnight Picnic,  September 7-8, 2019, see flyer included in the newsletter. We also wanted to welcome the following new member of the Los Angeles Chapter.  Please extend your welcome and hello to all when you see them at the meeting.
  • Robert Morgan
  • David Landau
  • Changon Kim
  • Miguel Pelayo
  • Jonathan Rubin
For the month of September,  please remember that our meeting will be held on September 11, 2019 and we will have Mr. Zay Soe, PE of Arup-LA, who will be presenting on “WHO SAID OVERSIZING IS ALWAYS GOOD?”  See flyer for the synopsis of his topic. Please do not miss to attend this meeting and hope to see you all. Lastly,  please note that registration for the 2019 Technical Symposium is now open.  It will be held at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Hotel from October 24 to 27, 2019.  Register now at