Robert Galaviz, CPD

May 2024

I hope this message finds you well. As we dive into the updates for April, I am thrilled to share some positive developments regarding our membership.

Celebrating New Members

This month, we are excited to welcome a notable uptick in new members who have joined ASPE Los Angeles. I extend a warm welcome and gratitude to the following individuals for choosing to be part of our chapter:

  • Sahab Masoumian
  • Brandon Pullen, LEED AP, P.E.
  • Xavier Saenz
  • Carla Zuleta
  • Casey Wise
  • Gilbert Bautista
  • Alireza Momeninezhad, P.E.
  • Isai Alcarez
  • Christian Martinez

To each new member, I extend a sincere thank you for enriching our professional community with your expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to excellence. Your decision to join ASPE Los Angeles is greatly appreciated and coincides with our goal to keep this chapter thriving for years to come.

Continued Focus on Growth

The increasing number of new members highlights our ongoing focus on growth and engagement within ASPE Los Angeles. As we continue to expand our membership base, we furthermore enhance the opportunities for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and professional development.

Call to Action: Engage and Connect

I encourage all members, both new and existing, to actively engage and connect within our vibrant community. Whether it’s participating in events, contributing to discussions, or reaching out to fellow members, your involvement plays a crucial role in shaping the success and impact of ASPE Los Angeles. Let’s continue to foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and camaraderie as we strive towards our shared goals.

Thank you to our new members for choosing ASPE Los Angeles, and to all members for your ongoing support and dedication.