John Zagorski V.P. Membership September 2019


Please help me in welcoming the following new members: Ai Ngo has joined LA from New Jersey Chapter, David Landau has joined LA from Orange County Chapter, Robert Morgan with Limbach Inc., Changon Kim, & Jonathan Rubin with Murray Company. We hope to see you all at the next dinner meeting. My apologies for not having more information about our new members as the info that National sends me is what I pass on to you. Here’s the latest & greatest membership deal: with a 2-year commitment, all new members will receive 4 free dinner meetings! Upon joining for the first year, you will receive 2 free dinner meetings & when you renew for the 2nd year, you will then get 2 more free dinner meetings! Sponsors of new members will also continue to receive a free dinner meeting when you bring the new member to the meeting with their completed application & payment. Should anyone need a current membership application, please do not hesitate to contact me as your VP Membership at You are also welcome to call me at 562-447-4561. I will see you all at the September 11th dinner meeting @ Monterey Hill Restaurant in Monterey Park, Be There or Be Square!!