Scott Steindler
V.P. Membership
November 2020

First things first,

Here is my disclaimer. This report is going to be very light, and unfortunately (for you, fortunate for me) since my schedule has taken a rather unexpected turn and I find myself with not a single second to spare!

What is it that could possibly be that all encompassing as to preclude the VP Membership from doing his job? I’ll tell you, it involves relocating permanently from Los Angeles to Phoenix. I am finally moving! A few years ago, a very special woman appeared in my life. I fell head over heels for Jessica Wozniak, a Phoenix Chapter member. We have been going back and forth for years, and the opportunity has finally arrived to relocate my family to be closer to her. I am very excited, albeit very, very busy.  I have many things to consider, including remaining as the ASPELA VPM. I am not going to make any rush decisions based upon current time constraints. I am sure that when the dust settles, I will be once again wanting to serve my “home” Chapter. We shall see how things proceed.

If your membership status should change to either final notice or dropped, you will be receiving an email from me. Do not take this personally, I have no way of knowing if checks or payments have been submitted and the end of month reports run a month behind. If for some reason you are unable to maintain your membership due to financial strain or hardship, we have programs available to you. Please do not hesitate to contact me or any other Board member for assistance in this process. We are all here to help and support you.

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