Edgar Ochoa
Administrative Secretary
September 2019 – Meeting Minutes


General Meeting Minutes

Vivian Enriquez brought the meeting to order at 7:00. The Pledge of Allegiance was led my Mona Samadiyan. She was the first person in recent memory to come to the front of the room and lead the Pledge from there.

Past presidents in attendance included Vivian Enriquez, Ed Saltzberg, Kook Dean, Hal Alvord, William Siler and Thura Zin.

Vivian Enriquez reminded the chapter of the upcoming product show, which will be hosted by ASPE O.C. The show will be held at Luminarias Restaurant and Monterrey Hill Steakhouse.

John Zagorski reported that there were 2 new members in attendance.

Vivian Enriquez, in lieu of David Kelley, reminded the board of the upcoming picnic.

Jeremy Busch reported that a potential tour is in the works, sometime in October.

Ira Schummer levied fines to the following people: Alex Jimenez ($3), Frank from Murray ($3), Kook Dean ($10), Mona Samadiyan ($4), Arturo Gonzalez ($4), Troy Dawes ($8), Kelley Gilfoy ($3), Chris Sweeney ($4), Gilbert from Affiliated ($3), Mike from Charlotte Pipe ($5), Andy Lopez ($5) – deferred to Dave Dikins, Mark from Arc ($2), and Vivian Enriquez ($4).

William Siler introduced the speaker, Mike LeMaster of Charlotte Pipe. His presentation was on Cast Iron History, Applications, Selections, Couplings, Coating and more.

Raffle prizes were donated by the following people: William Mathews of Renco Sales, Jeff Atlas of Delco Sales, Alex Jimenez of Delco Sales, Henry Canizales of Spears Mfg., Victor Medellin of Delco Sales, Linda Deunay of Enviro Products West, Ira Schummer of Signature Sales, Mario Orlando of Spears Mfg., Anne Yardley of Elmco Stewart, Kelley Gilfoy of Spec Sales and Chris Sweeney of Spec Sales.

Board Meeting Minutes

People in attendance: Vivian Enriquez, Thura Zin, William Siler, Ira Schummer, Jeremy Busch, Jeff Atlas, Hal Alvord, John Zagorski, Linda Deunay and Edgar Ochoa.

Jeff Atlas informed the board that a meeting has been setup for Thursday 7/11 @ the Garland in Burbank regarding the end of year event, which is scheduled for 11/16/19.

The board was reminded that all reports should be submitted by Friday 7/19.

Vivian Enriquez will be meeting with ASPE O.C. to discuss the product show, specifically having both LA and OC alternate as hosts. Currently, ASPE O.C. will be hosting the 2019 product show.

Vivian Enriquez reported that the chapter’s end of year reports have been submitted, including and evaluation of every guest speaker for the last 12 months.

Linday Deunay reported that WOA collected approximately $1000 from donations/gift baskets from last month’s fund raiser benefiting Alexandria House.

Hal Alvord reported that the monthly financial reports have been submitted to national.

John Zagorski reported that the 2020 ASPE Golf Tournament is scheduled for 5/15 at Brookside.