Edgar Ochoa
Administrative Secretary
April 2020


People in attendance: Vivian Enriquez, Thura Zin, Hal Alvord, William Siler, Irene Poole, John Zagorski, Jeff Atlas, Jeremy Busch, Corey Nakanishi and Edgar Ochoa.

Vivian announced that there is a potential new location for the monthly meetings, in Burbank. Vivian asked the BOD to vote on making this venue the new location for the monthly meeting. The vote passed and the monthly meeting in April may be the first meeting to be held there.

Jeff Atlas announced that the Los Angeles chapter of ASHRAE is also looking for a new venue to hold their monthly meetings, possibly sharing the same venue as ASPE Los Angeles.

Thura Zin announced that the monthly speaker evaluation reports are being submitted to ASPE National as part of the Vice President – Technical monthly report. This report also includes monthly attendee details and CEU distributions.

Hal Alvord reported that the monthly reports for January and February are completed and ready to be forwarded to ASPE National.


Vivian Enriquez reminded the board that the elections for the new BOD will be done in May.


Vivian Enriquez brought the meeting to order at 6:45 PM. The paste presidents in attendance included Corey Nakanishi, Bill Siler, Hal Alvord, Thura Zin, Vivian Enriquez and Dr. Saum Nour.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Dr. Sam Nour.

Vivian announced that all fines were cancelled due to Ira Schummer being absent. John Zagorski, however, stepped in during Ira’s absence and levied the following fines:

  • The Arup Table ($5)
  • The Paul Breen Table ($5)
  • The Murray Co. Table ($10)
  • Alex Jimenez ($5)
  • Kurt Bremdstat ($10)

Vivian Enriquez announced that the elections for the new BOD will be on May 6th. The people running for the board are:

  • Bill Siler (President)
  • Thura Zin (VP Technical)
  • Vahan Margaryan (VP Legislative)
  • Hal Alvord and Edgar Ochoa (Treasurer)
  • Jeff Atlas and Linda Deunay (Corresponding Secretary)

Thura Zin announced the subject of the meeting, Highlights of Important Code Changes of California Plumbing Code, and introduced the guest speaker, Dr. Saum Nour.

Door prizes were donated by the following:

  • Nick Ekdahl – Dawson Co.
  • Peter Bolton – Nibco
  • Linda Deunay – Enviro Products West
  • Adam Haussman – Delco Sales
  • Mario Orlando – Spears Mfr.
  • Alex Jimenez – Delco Sales
  • Chris Sweeney – Specification Sales
  • Chris McKnight – Custom H2O
  • John Bianco – Curb-O-Let