President’s Report

Thura Zin, CPD, GPD
October 2017


In September we had our regular meeting and our annual picnic. We had 52 attendees at our monthly meeting and 43 attendees at our annual picnic. Thanks everyone and hope you enjoyed these activities.  We had two first timers who are not only joining us for the first time but they are new members of our ASPE LA chapter.  Additionally, one more new member attended who regularly attends as a non member.  Please welcome our newest members:  Kevin Morey and Denial Lucas from Glumac and Victor Flores from Culligan.

One thing I’d like to bring up is the matter of an RSVP. We got only 37 RSVPs, and 52 attended. The situation was the same for the picnic.  Luckily, Monterey Hill Restaurant can handle the additional people due to the dinner being a buffet.   I’d like to encourage all members to respond by RSVP.  Please respond anytime until one day before our meetings.

I would like to thank our speaker Mr. Roland Gutierrez of Daybreak Technologies for his presentation regarding Stationary Fire Pumps.  He explained details about fire pump testing. Do you need or want to learn about any particular subject at our monthly meetings?  If so, please send an email or call Vivian or one of your board members. We would love to hear from you and find the best topics and presenters for our meetings.

Now about our ASPE annual family picnic at Wilderness Park, thank you to David Kelly, Kook Dean and Kelly Gilfoy for making this a fun and enjoyable activity for everyone who came.  This was our first time at this location and camping was an added activity for the first time. Next year will be even more fun.  If you have any ideas for activities for children, please let us know.

Next, our chapter’s big event is the Holiday Monte Carlo party which will be held on Saturday, November 11, 2017 at the Airtel Plaza Hotel, 7277 Valjean Ave. Van Nuys. Contact Jeff and Hal for the payment. This year is a little more for our members: $50 per person and you will get one free ticket.  But for non-member, you need to pay $50 per ticket.  For more details about this party, see our flyer.

Additionally to all of these events, Kook is coordinating with Magic Castle for an ASPE family fun day.

Our other chapter event is the Women of ASPE event. I assigned Ms. Linda Deunay to lead our WOA event. Linda has a lot of great ideas.  Please contact her.  I hope to have the  first event before the end of this year.

WOA:  You have to opt in to this program as it is not automatic. If you are interested in becoming part of the group and be able to receive updates on the various programs WOA is working on, please contact Stacey Kidd, at or contact a board member.

We are currently reaching over 210 members according to the September Society report.  That number is above our target of 200 for this year. Thanks to all of our board members and VP Membership John for the hard work in gaining new members. Keep on recruiting. Also if you join, there are a total of four free dinners. Contact John for details. Hey members!  If you have a financial problem in maintaining your current membership and not able to renew, let us know. We’ll find a way to help you to stay current.

Starting in January, 2018, ASPE-LA will increase the meeting fee for non-members. I had a  conversation with Don and he suggested to contact the Society for a member-at-large list so I can contact the members who live around the LA area to change to our chapter.

Again, any ASPE LA Members suffering unexpected hardships that strain their relationships, careers, and finances, please contact me. If you or an immediate family member are in need of assistance, please send the details to me.

Anyone who is planning to attend 2017 Technical Symposium, in Montreal, QC, Canada, I will see you there.

If you have an idea for a group activity to bring our ASPE families together, please let me or our Board members know.

Check the website for time, location and topic of our next meeting.  Until next month.