Membership Report

John Zagorski
V.P. Membership
February 2018



Happy New Year Everybody! Please help me in welcoming the following new members: Chantrell Iglesias as an Associate Member, Brett Barron @ Daybreak Technologies as a Full Member, John Trauger @ Rheem as an Affiliate Member, Artin Haroutunian @ P2S Engineers as an Associate Member, & Aaron Collins as a Full Member. On behalf of the Los Angeles ASPE Board of Directors I welcome all of you as new members! Thank You All for choosing the Los Angeles Chapter for your memberships!

Here’s the latest & greatest membership deal: with a 2 year commitment, all new members will receive 4 free dinner meetings! Upon joining for the first year, you will receive 2 free dinner meetings & when you renew for the 2nd year, you will then get 2 more free dinner meetings! Sponsors of new members will also continue to receive a free dinner meeting when you bring the new member to the meeting with their completed application & payment.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee. Let me help you with our Membership Drive challenge. All current members will bring in 1 new member this year. Should you fail, I’m sure a fine will be levied, and if you succeed, an award may be coming your way!

Should anyone need a current membership application, please do not hesitate to contact me as your VP Membership at You are also welcome to call me at 562-447-4561.

I will see you all at the February 4th dinner meeting @ Monterey Hill Restaurant in Monterey Park, Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!