Membership Report

John Zagorski
V.P. Membership
November 2017



Please help me in welcoming the following new members. Peter Bolton at Nibco as an Affiliate, Randy Carminati at BMA as an Associate, Rafi Novan as a Student, Marcin Szyszkowski at Buro Happold as an Associate, Martin Hurtado at LA City as a Governmental member, and Chris Tomayo at Integral Group as a Full member. On behalf of the Los Angeles ASPE Board of Directors I welcome all of you as new members! Thank You All for choosing the Los Angeles Chapter for your memberships!

Here’s the latest & greatest membership deal: with a 2 year commitment, all new members will receive 4 free dinner meetings! Upon joining for the first year, you will receive 2 free dinner meetings & when you renew for the 2nd year, you will then get 2 more free dinner meetings! Sponsors of new members will also continue to receive a free dinner meeting when you bring the new member to the meeting with their completed application & payment.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee. Let me help you with our Membership Drive challenge. All current members will bring in 1 new member this year. Should you fail, I’m sure a fine will be levied, and if you succeed, an award may be coming your way!

Should anyone need a current membership application, please do not hesitate to contact me as your VP Membership at You are also welcome to call me at 562-447-4561.