Meeting Minutes

Edgar Ochoa
Administrative Secretary
June 2019 – Meeting Minutes


General Meeting Minutes

Vivian Enriquez brought the meeting to order at 7:00. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Wilson Soo Hoo, in honor is his pending retirement.

Past presidents in attendance included Ed Saltzberg, Kook Deen, Vivian Enriquez, Cory Nakanishi, Hal Alvord, Thura Zin, and William Siler. There were 3 new members in attendance: Galina, Hugo and Jonathan.

John Zagorski reminded the chapter of the upcoming golf tournament, held in Pasadena on May 3rd.

David Kelley reminded the chapter of the upcoming picnic, held on September 7th. Participants may arrive as early as 11:30AM. Overnight stays are available and will include dinner and breakfast the next morning. Self-contained RV’s are allowed but it is encouraged to RSVP if doing so.

Linda Deunay announced that 3 hope baskets were donated by the chapter and have been delivered to Alexandria House for gifting to 3 families.

Jeremy Busch announced that a joint ASHRAE/ASPE corn hole social event is scheduled at Pan Pacific office.

Ira Schumer levied fines to the following people: Kelly Gilfoy ($5), Mario Orlando ($5), Corey Nakanishi ($4), Damian ($3), David ($3), Mike of Grundfos ($3), Thura/Vivian/ARUP ($6), Johnny of the Las Vegas Chapter ($5), Hugo & John ($2 each), Galina of Syska ($2), Nick ($3), John ($3), Wilson ($5), Linda ($3), Daniel ($2)

Karl Caouette introduced the guest speaker, Kelly Gilfoy. His presentation was on California Energy Efficiency Standards for DHW System.

Raffle prizes were donated by the following people: Jeff Atlas of Delco Sales, Linday Deunay of Enviro Products West, John Bianco of Curb-O-Let, Ira Schummer of Signature Sales, David Kelley of Weil Aquatronics, Mario Orlando of Spears Mfr., and ASPE LA Chapter.

Board Meeting Minutes

People in attendance: Vivian Enriquez, William Siler, Thura Zin, Ira Schummer, John Zagorski, Hal Alvord, Karl Caouette, Jeff Atlas, Cory Nakanishi, Jeremy Busch, and Edgar Ochoa.

John Zagorski reminded the board that a “blast” email should be sent to members to remind them of the date of the golf tournament.

The Region 4 Presidents meeting will be held on June 14. Both Vivian Enriquez and Karl Caouette will be attending.

Vivian Enriquez and Karl Caouette are currently coordinating the Product Show with the Orange County chapter. It was recommended that the product show alternate between chapters; one year to be hosted by the Los Angeles chapter the next being hosted by the Orange County chapter. The confirmed topics for this product show are Medical Gas and ACV sizing.

A reminder of the picnic will be included in next month’s newsletter.