Meeting Minutes

Edgar Ochoa
Administrative Secretary
July 2019 – Meeting Minutes


General Meeting Minutes

Vivian Enriquez brought the meeting to order at 7:15. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Kook Dean.

Past presidents in attendance included Vivian Enriquez, Hal Alvord, Thura Zin, Ed Saltzberg, Kook Dean, William Siler, Corey Nakanishi, and Scot Steindler – the current Region 4 Chair. There were 8 guests in attendance, including 2 new members.

Rob Zagorski, in lieu of his brother John, reported that the golf tournament was a success, with 210 paid registrants.

David Kelley reminded the chapter that this year’s picnic will be an overnight event, from 9/7 thru 9/8.

Vivian Enriquez reminded the chapter that the product show will be held on Thursday 8/15 at Monterrey Hill & Luminarias. There are currently 4 topics scheduled for the seminars and 60 tables available for vendors.

Ira Schummer levied fines to the following people: Jeff Atlas ($2), Alfredo from Murray Co. ($2), Corey Nakanishi ($2), Irene Poole ($2), Mario Orlando ($2), Thura Zin ($5), Nathan from SCEG ($3), Bob Woods ($4), Robert Galaviz ($3), Brian ($3), Scott Steindler ($3), Peter ($3).

Karl Caouette introduced the speaker, Doug Kirk of IAPMO. His presentation was on Chapter 6 – Water Sizing 1952 thru 2018.

Raffle prizes were donated by the following people: Jeff Atlas of Delco Sales, Peter Bolton of Nibco, Anne Yardley of Elmco Stewart, Ira Schummer of Signature Sales, John Bianco of Curb-O-Let, David Kelley of Weil Aquatronics, John Simoncini of Apollo Valves, Chris Sweeney of Spec Sales and Mario Orlando of Spears Manufacturing.

Board Meeting Minutes

People in attendance: Vivian Enriquez, Thura Zin, William Siler, Scott Steindler, Karl Caouette, Ira Schummer, Jeremy Busch, Jeff Atlas, Hal Alvord, Corey Nakanishi, David Kelley, Carmen Gonzales, and Edgar Ochoa.

Vivian Enriquez reminded the board that reports should be submitted early in order to have ample time to add them to the Newsletter. She also asked every board member to provide her with their volunteer hours to add to her president’s report.

Hal Alvord reported that the golf tournament was a success. Thura Zin reported that some current members have been “dropped” and is looking into the reason for this.

Karl Caouette reported both he and Vivian Enriquez will be attending the Region 4 Presidents meeting in Sacramento.

Vivian Enriquez reminded the board of the upcoming product show on August 15, a Thursday.