Meeting Minutes

Administrative Secretary
October 2017 – Meeting Minutes


Board Meeting Minutes

Linda Duenay will head up the Women of ASPE committee.

Monte Carlo Night coming up on November 11, 2017 at the Air Tel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys located next to the Van Nuys airport.

Kook Dean proposed a night at the Magic Castle. He is working on details. It may cost $100 per person.

Thura talked about the scholarship program. The board is discussing the requirements of meeting attendance and the convention as well as the requirements for participation with at the convention.

David discussed the upcoming picnic plans.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00pm.

General Meeting Minutes

When the meeting was called to order by President Thura Zin, the first order of business was to acknowledge the past presidents in attendance. They were as follows:

Ed Saltzberg, Cory Nakanishi, Kook Dean, Vivian Enriquez and Chris MacKnight. We had two guests and one student in attendance as well.

Thura announced that we have 30 new members for a total membership of 211!!! This surpasses our recruitment goal.

We then had self introductions… many of which could not be heard. Speak up people!! We want to know who you are!

The picnic particulars were announced by picnic committee chairman David Kelly.

Jeff Atlas spoke about the upcoming MONTE CARLO NIGHT at the Air Tel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys on November 11, 2017. It’s gonna be a hoot!!! Do NOT be left out of this one!

Kook Dean spoke about the Magic Castle event that he is currently planning for us in December. He mentioned that the cost may be around $100 + parking.

Vivian Enriquez told us about the Women of ASPE and mentioned that Linda Duenay will be heading up this endeavor. Linda’s contact info is on her business card inside this newsletter. Please contact her. Suggested events: Escape Room, Wine & Paint, Hands On Cooking Class.

Our calendar is full for the balance of 2017 as Vivian described.

Thura reminded us that the convention will be coming up again and the members should all plan accordingly.

The product show was a huge success. Thank you to John Zagorski for a fine execution.

Kelly Gilfoy was then called to the podium to assess fines for the evening which he did with great humor and tremendous skill. Among those ensnared in Kelly’s fundraiser were the whol ARUP contingency, Jeffy Cohen, Kurt, Wilson, Brett, Roland.. for sure…, Danny & Kevin, Mike, Peter, me, your humble newsletter editor and David Munoz. It was brutal but well worth the beating.

Vivian then introduced Roland Gutierrez of Daybreak Technologies as our speaker for the evening’s presentation on Stationary Fire Pumps and its related systems and testing requirements. It was delivered in an engaging fashion and we all learned a little more about the subject and Roland himself!

Raffle prizes were raffled and the meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm.

We had 52 in attendance.