Meeting Minutes

Edgar Ochoa
Administrative Secretary
January 2019 – Meeting Minutes


General Meeting Minutes

President’s Report: Vivian Enriquez announced the dates for all chapter meetings in 2019. The chapter meeting in May will be held on the first Wednesday, as usual, on May 1. The 2019 golf tournament will be held the following Friday, May 3. A voting session was held on whether or not the August chapter meeting be cancelled due to the product show. The vote was unanimous; the August chapter meeting will be cancelled. A voting session was held on the date for the Holiday Party. The board voted on Saturday, November 23. The schedule for all chapter meetings in 2019 is as follows:

February 6, March 6, April 3, May 1

June 5, July 10, September 11

October 2, November 6

November 23 (Holiday Party)

Vivian Enriquez announced that there will be two joint meetings with ASHRAE. The venues will alternate, with ASPE hosting one meeting and ASHRAE hosting another. The April chapter meeting has been tentatively scheduled to be the first joint meeting.

Product Show: Vivian Enriquez reported that the 2019 product show will be a joint venture between the LA and OC chapters. Each chapter will have a minimum of 2 topics/speakers, with the possibility of increasing it to 4 topics/speakers per chapter if there is enough attendance. A popular topic for the product show is BIM for plumbing. Thura Zin stated that he may have a possible speaker for the topic. A deadline of March was set for selecting and finalizing the product show speakers.

AYP Report: Jeremy Busch reported that a social event is tentatively scheduled in the winter quarter. The event will be a guided tour of a brewery sponsored by Watts.

Regional President’s Meeting: Vivian Enriquez reported that the treasurer’s monthly report the chapter has not been submitted to national. Vivian Enriquez stated that, per the by-laws, the chapter is obligated to submit a monthly report to National.

Board Meeting Minutes

Vivian Enriquez brought the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. The past presidents in attendance included Ed Saltsberg, Kook Dean, Corey Nakanishi, Hal Alvord, William Siler, Thura Zin, and Vivian Enriquez.

Vivian Enriquez announced that May’s meeting will be held as usual, on May 1. The ASPE golf tournament will be held the following Friday, May 3. Vivian also announced that April’s chapter meeting will be joint meeting with ASHRAE.

The Sergeant at Arms, Ira Schumer, fined the following attendees: Mike from Seattle ($2), Wilson Soo Hoo ($4), John ($2), David ($2), Corey ($3), Jeff ($2), Troy ($6), Christian ($2), Kook ($4)

Vivian Enriquez recognized Wilson Soo Hoo for the longevity of his membership to the chapter. For his 43 years of membership, Vivian presented Wilson with a plaque.

Karl Caouette announced that the subject for February will be Gas-Fired Water Heaters and the subject for March will be Bottle Fillers.

Karl Caouette announced that the subject for the meeting was changed from Automatic Control Valves (ACV) to Green Alternates for Soft Water. He then proceeded to introduce the guest speaker, Joe Munoz of Watts Water Technology.

Vivian concluded the meeting by awarding the raffle prizes, which were provided by the following people:

Peter Bolton – Nibco

Mario Orlando – Spears Mfr.

John Brooks – Puroserve

Jeff Atlas – Delco Sales

Bryce Libertone – Elmco Duddy

Alex Jimenez – Delco Sales

Ira Schumer – Signature Sales

John Bianco – Curb-O-Let

ASPE Los Angeles Chapter

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM