Meeting Minutes

Administrative Secretary
December 2017 – Meeting Minutes


Board Meeting Minutes

The board meeting was held on Wednesday November 1st. Thura Zin, Kook Dean, Hal Alvord, Christopher Yang, John Zagorski, Vivian Enriquez, and Jeff Atlas were in attendance.  The chapter received the Chapter Award of Merit and Membership Growth Award.  It was voted to have elections held in April.  John Zagorski noted that the chapter has 212 members.  It was voted to subsidize Professor Virgil Shieldsv, fifty percent (50%) of membership dues as he has helped to bring students.  Student membership was discussed.  Requirements and discounts to be further discussed.  Region 4 President meeting will be hosted in Long Beach. Holiday Party and Monte Carlo night will be on November 11 at Air Tel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys.  Online payment system and online RSVP to be further investigated.

General Meeting Minutes

Thura Zin brought the meeting to order. Past presidents in attendance were Ed Saltzberg, Hal Alvord, Kook Dean, and Vivian Enriquez. In addition to LA Chapter past presidents, the President of Orange County Chapter, Chris MacKnight was present.

Following to the self-introduction, Ira Schumer stood in for Ira Schumer, the Sergeant of Arms, made the following fines:

Kelly Gilford – $3, John Bianco – $3, Roland Gutierrez -$4, Chris Macknight – $3, Thura Zin – $3, Thomas Webb – $5, Peter Bolton – $2, Kevin – $3, Art – $3, Jeff Atlas – $2, Brian – $3, Henry – $2, Bradley – $4, Tim – $4, Victor – $3, Justin – $2, Kurt Bramstedtt – $1

Vivian introduced the speaker, Mr. Christopher Lohr. Christopher identified .

The meeting was ended with a raffle. The prizes were provided by:

  • Brian McDonald – Raypack
  • Thomas Webb and Bob Peters – Viega
  • Jeff Atlas – Delco Sales
  • Ira Schumer – Signature Sales
  • John Bianco – Curb-O-Let
  • Rob Zagorski – Lubrizol
  • Kelly Gilfoy – Specification Sales
  • Henry Canizales – Spears Mfg. Co

Thank you to all who attended.