Meeting Minutes

Administrative Secretary
February 2018 – Meeting Minutes


Board Meeting Minutes

Board meeting was called to order by President Thura Zin at 5:00pm on January 10, 2018 at The Monterey Hill Restaurant.

Board positions are open and we are looking for candidates. Let any board member know if you would like to run.

We discussed that fact that we need LA Trade Tech outreach ASAP! We need to network with engineering students and draw them into ASPE.

Treasurer reoprted that all is good. There is a new $50 charge for dinner for non-members.

The Women Of ASPE blanket drive is in full swing. We are looking for donations. Contact Linda or Vivian.

ASPE Golf is coming soon, May 11, 2018.

Picnic is set for September 15, 2018.

Convention is Oct 28 through Nov 3 in Atlanta.

This years Christmas/Holiday party is being discussed. Please chime in with your ideas as this event is yours.

There will be a Region 4 President meeting in June possibly held in Long Beach. More info to follow.

There was discussion of a possible ASPE fishing trip later this year as well as another family oriented event.

Elections in April.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:45pm.

General Meeting Minutes

The general meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by President Thura Zin on January 10, 2018 at The Monterey Hill Restaurant. Past presidents, Hal, Kook, Cory, Chris and Vivian were in attendance and acknowledged.

Greg Morin led us in the pledge of allegiance. We introduced several guests from around the industry. Welcome to all of you and thank you for attending. Next came the self introductions, most of which were impossible to understand. Chris MacKnight then talked about the upcoming golf tournament to be held at Brookside in Pasadena again this year.

Linda announced that the Women Of ASPE shoe drive was a success. Thura announced that the ASPE convention will be held in Atlanta later this year.

Scotty was then called up as Sergeant at Arms to levy fines. Vivian suggested that all fines collected be donated to the WOA blanket drive.

Thura announced that we have board positions that need to be filled. Please notify any board member if you would like to run.

Vivian then introduced the evening’s speaker, Mr. Scott Steindler, CPD, GPD, LEED-AP, Regional Manager at  Watts Water Technologies (Blucher division) to present “Making Intelligent Drainage Choices for the Ultra-hygienic Applications”. Scott came to the podium and opened with a funny joke that got everybody relaxed and in a great mood as he moved gracefully into presenting  the topic at hand. There were many question, much discussion and great interaction by those in attendance. Thank you Scott for a wonderfully informative presentation.

Prizes were raffled and the meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm.

Raffle sponsors were as follows:

Candy by Delco Sales
Amazon gift cards by Lubrizol
Wine, Makers Mark whiskey & vodka by Dawson Co.
Crown Royal by Curbolet
Credit card knife by LADWP
Gentleman Jack whiskey and a beach chair by Elmco Duddy
Fandango gift cards by Blucher
Starbucks gift cards by Spears Mfg
Starbucks gift cards by Nibco

A big thank you to all who provided these gifts!